FLEOA provides 24hr Legal Services to members needing legal assistance. Join FLEOA immediately if you are not yet a member. You must be a FLEOA member in good standing at the time of the occurrence for which you are seeking legal advice and assistance. Make sure your renewal is up to date. Problems? Call the Legal Counsel.

After Hours or Emergency

To reach FLEOA’s General Counsel or Duty Officer about a serious incident occurring after normal business hours, dial the FLEOA 24/7 Emergency Hotline (516) 671-2688 or 877-228-FLEO (3536).

Members that need legal assistance should direct their inquiries to:

Normal Business Hours:

FLEOA General Counsel
Lawrence Berger, Esquire
70 Glen Street, Suite 280
Glen Cove, New York 11542
Tel: 516-671-2688
Fax: 516-671-1148


Is Legal Action Needed

Use This Checklist:

  • Shooting?

  • Serious Incident?

  • Miranda Warnings?

  • Subpoenaed by Grand Jury?

Immediately follow up conversation with correspondence to the Legal Committee. Correspondence should include the following:

  • Description of the situation

  • Type of assistance desired

  • A copy of all pertinent documentation

  • Your telephone number and address

The sooner you call legal counsel, the more they can do to help you!

Don’t Go it Alone!

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