FLEOA License Plates


MD FLEOA License Plates Are Now Available:

Dear FLEOA members,

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, Organizational License Plate Committee
has approved the FLEOA Maryland design. The MVA has also confirmed the following types of vehicles are eligible for these plates:

• Passenger Cars
• Multi-purpose Vehicles
• Trucks (10,000 lbs. or less)

In order to initiate the plate production process, MVA required at least 25 vehicles. As of May 2012, FLEOA met that minimum and we will shortly have over 130 FLEOA Maryland license plates on the road!

There is no waiting for additional FLEOA Maryland organizational license plate orders.

The cost for each FLEOA organizational license plate remains at $25.00 (plus registration fee but, the registration fee is applicable only if your registration is up for renewal). MVA issues our new FLEOA plates with a new license plate sticker and vehicle registration that match precisely your current license plate expiration date so you lose no time or expense on your new FLEOA Maryland license plates.

Decide how many FLEOA plates you want for your vehicles and notify Dan Embury at: FLEOA.MD.LicensePlate@inbox.com so he can include you in the current MVA order. Dan has also been the person who has organized and led the effort to get these plates approved, so feel free to email him and thank him for his efforts; Dan Embury’s email contact is: FLEOA.MD.LicensePlate@inbox.com.


Law Officers Memorial Plate is now available

(Available to Virginia residents only)NLEOMF Virginia Heroes License PlateProceeds from the sale of the new license plate will support the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF).If you live in Virginia, don’t miss this opportunity to help us make sure all our law enforcement officers get the respect and recognition they deserve — and at the same time support the NLEOMF.Currently, Connecticut, Kentucky, and New Jersey have special license plates that commemorate the service and sacrifice of law enforcement officers in their respective states, but Virginia’s is unique in that theirs is the first plate whose proceeds will support the Memorial.The name of the plate is Law Officers Memorial Plate and there is a $25 fee, payable to the Virginia Sheriffs’ Institute. To get a special commemorative plate, Virginia residents must complete the form available at the following address or by clicking the license plate above. http://www.dmv.virginia.gov/exec/vehicle/splates/info.asp?idnm=LAWM.Mail your completed applications and check to:

ATTN: Mr. John Jones
Virginia Sheriffs’ Institute
701 East Franklin Street, Suite 706
Richmond, VA 23219