1: FLEOAhttp://www.fleoa.org

This is the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) national website.

2: FLEOA Foundationhttp://www.fleoafoundation.org

The FLEOA Foundation is FLEOA’s charitable association for FLEOA members. The Foundation is dedicated to the simple idea “When a Federal Law Enforcement Officer and member is in need of financial assistance, that help will be one telephone call away.“ The Foundation has provided immediate financial assistance to numerous FLEOA members in need. The FLEOA Foundation is an approved participant organization of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Its CFC participant number is 54726. Please remember the FLEOA foundation when considering your choices.

3: FEDAgenthttp://www.fedagent.com

FEDAgent.com provides a free weekly e-report with up-to-date news for 1811 Special Agents and other federal employees engaged in the missions of federal law enforcement and homeland security. These news stories range from significant busts made by federal law enforcement, to stories on key personnel in various agencies, to understanding the impact of significant new court decisions. The newsletter is designed to provide unfiltered, unbiased news in an easy-to-read, straightforward format, in order to keep readers informed about their work force.

4: FOP D.C. Lodge #1http://www.dc-fop.org

The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) District of Columbia Lodge #1, is located at 711 4th Street, NW Washington, D.C. 20001. The Lodge is conveniently located near the Judiciary Square stop on the Metro’s Red Line, which also exits at the Law Enforcement Memorial. The FOP Lodge is a frequent host location to FLEOA Chapter 9 events, such as our quarterly luncheons.

5: WIFLEhttp://www.wifle.org

Women In Federal Law Enforcement (WIFLE) promotes gender equity through its leadership education center that provides training, research, scholarships, awards, and networking opportunities in partnership with law enforcement agencies, their members and supportive sponsors.

6: WHShttp://womeninhomelandsecurity.com

The mission of Women in Homeland Security (WHS) is to provide a professional organization for women working in the field of homeland security. As a relatively new field, WHS strives to provide women with a forum to learn about the many facets of the discipline and to build the connections necessary for their own professional development and for the connections needed to understand the full spectrum of homeland security.

7: ICEHAAhttp://www.icehaa.org

The ICE Hispanic Agents Association (ICEHAA) has been in existence since 1995 and was created in an effort to promote the general welfare of ICE employees as well as nurturing and improving the relationship of ICE in the community. The goal and objective of ICEHAA first and foremost, is the professional development of employees throughout the agency.

8: Travelers Home and Auto Insurancehttp://www.travelers.com/fleoa

Travelers Insurance has been providing discounted insurance coverage to FLEOA members since 2005. Follow this link to the Travelers page provided exclusively to FLEOA members.

9: Insurance for FLEOA membershttp://www.abpinsurancegroup.com

ABP Insurance Agency Inc. of Falls Church, Virginia has been a sponsor of FLEOA and is now offering a special life insurance to FLEOA members. ABP Insurance, offers Life, Health, Commercial, Automobile, and Home insurance at discounted rates for FLEOA members.

10: Plain Old Agenthttp://www.plainoldagent.com

A new book by Dave DiBetta, former FLEOA ATF Agency President.  Anyone who has worked in law enforcement will appreciate the real life, behind-the-scenes stories…the hard work, long hours, humor, and frustrations associated with a career of federal service. In addition, Dave provides an inside look at when the warrant was served to the Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas.